Volume 7 Page 19
Posted April 21, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: No idea why the hell the period that should go after “PARK” in that first word balloon is missing, folks! I could’ve replaced it when uploading this page, but thought I’d leave the error as is just to show you that blunders and glitches can survive through seemingly endless rounds of rereading and proofing.

Panel 3: As I mentioned yesterday, my buddy Ryan Kinnaird worked up an entire warehouse in the SketchUp 3D app for me to trace my backgrounds from—yet, as you’ll see throughout the course of this volume, all the action to follow occurs within a 40’ radius of the setting in this panel. The rest of the warehouse’s model wound up never being used, despite my early plans to show ninjas running and leaping back and forth across the environment, if not up in the rafters. Oh, well.

Panel 4: And another g-d lettering glitch on the page! See that odd bit to the right of "AS PLANNED," folks? That's a copy/paste that left part of the original letter D and comma in place. I actually remember this glitch, and could've sworn we cleaned it up in an earlier correction sweep. Oh, well.

Panel 5: To paraphrase Brad Pitt in Se7en, “What’s in the duffel baaaaaaaaaag?” Find out tomorrow, webcomic readers!

Today’s Patreon update: Open slot in the weekly schedule today! Not sure what I’ll be posting, but something will go up today. I’ve been posting every weekday (sometimes multiple times per day) on this Patreon for over a year, so why stop now?

-Adam Warren

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