Volume 7 Page 193
Posted December 21, 2020 at 12:01 am

Time for a remarkably lengthy appearance by Metatextual Emp, folks; enjoy?

In fact, the title originally did refer to the concept of being empowered, albeit in a negative context, given the damsel-in-distress struggles of the initially unnamed superheroine protagonist back when the series was spawning from a bunch of "DiD" commissioned sketches. I was well into those first 30 or 40 pages worth of jokey short stories before it ever occurred to me that her actual supranym could be Empowered.

Today’s Patreon Update: As this is a Monday, time for our weekly double dose of life drawings new-ish (2018) and old (2017) along with the high-res Photoshop raw scans for both of ‘em, available to all Patron tiers.

-Adam Warren

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