Volume 7 Page 48
Posted June 1, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: The Caged Demonwolf’s dialogue from this panel is adapted from a hilarious (IMHO) line* in the 1979 paperback thriller The Flesh Eaters by LA Morse, a fictionalized account of the infamous Sawney Beane cannibal family that cracked me the hell up when I read it back in high school.

Panel 2: Ah, I’d forgotten the amusement value of having the Blazing-Eyed Devilgoat whisper to the reader (as indicated by his word balloons’ broken outlines) whilst breaking the fourth wall. Amusingly done, Decade-Ago Me!

Panel 5: Also, gotta give Decade-Ago Me props for Thugboy’s facial expression in this panel. TBH, dating back to his time as a villain-victimizing Witless Minion, he’s almost certainly honed the ability to maintain a stone-faced, expressionless mien even while beholding amazing sights, so in all likelihood this is a subjective view of what he’s feeling while his in-reality facial expression betrays no such arousal-addled discombulation.

Today’s Patreon Update: As this is a Monday, time for our weekly double dose of life drawings new-ish (2018) and old (2017), along with the high-res Photoshop raw scans for both of ‘em, available to all Patreon tiers.

-Adam Warren

*IIRC, the line of narration occurs when a doomed wealthy fellow is gazing lustfully at a toothsome (soon-to-be-cannibal) wench, and goes something like, "Like a boy in a candy store, Sir Deadguy did not know where to look next!"

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