Volume 8 Page 134
Posted July 26, 2021 at 12:01 am

Aaaaand we're back to the present day, after last week's Spooky/ Mindf**k flashback scene.

Panel 1: Not too long ago on my Patreon, I showed the developmental process for the 3D model that the Vorpal Sword is (literally) drawn from; as I mentioned, my bud Ryan Kinnaird worked it up in the program Sketchup based on a few design sketches of mine. Anyhoo, I used this panel's shot of the hyperpenetrating drone as an example of the working process by showing the jpeg image of the model that I traced off as the basis for this drawing.

Speaking of the ol' Patreon, I'm back from my week off from posting:

Today’s Patreon Update: As this is a Monday, time for our weekly double dose of life drawings from 2017 (when I was cranking out photoreferenced sketch sets on a nearly daily basis) along with the high-res Photoshop raw scans for both of ‘em, available to all Patron tiers.

-Adam Warren

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