Volume 8 Page 20
Posted February 16, 2021 at 12:01 am

Panel 3: Enjoy Heronet talking head "Valkyrie Eleison," folks. While I'd love to say that her obnoxious pun of a supranym was derived from my background as a lapsed Catholic (with "Kyrie eleison" being Greek for "Lord have mercy"), the truth is that the joke comes from a g-d Mr. Mister song that was pretty much unavoidable during my time at the Joe Kubert School.

Also, note that the station was nicknamed "the d10" for obvious reasons. Once upon a time, I would've had many d10s kicking around as easy reference due to late-teens roleplaying of the wholly d10-based TSR game Star Frontiers, but those dice were long gone by the time I had to draw this space station. (Oh, well.)

Today’s Patreon update: Open slot in the weekly schedule today! Pretty sure I’ll be posting something for the semi-recurrent Design Tuesdays feature.

-Adam Warren

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