Volume 3 Page 167
Posted November 9, 2017 at 12:01 am

Panel 3: Yeahp, that’s Ninjette’s real name, as supplied by my friend Tomoko Saito, who also provided the translations for the wacky ninjutsu skills seen earlier and, in the previous story, even ponied up some fun yaoi dojinshi pages! Worry not, folks, as you’ll soon see what Ninjette’s name sounds like—or reads like, I suppose, in romaji English letters—before too long. I request long-time readers’ forbearance in not revealing said name as yet.

Panel 4: Behold the very real danger, young artists, when you draw a character with her clothing as an integral part of the initial sketch. See, Ninjette’s neck wound up waaaay too long because I drew her floppy collar thingie without first constructing her neck underneath it. Here in the real world of cranking out comics in a hurry, though, you often don’t have the luxury of constructing a nekkid figure and then carefully putting clothes atop it; instead, you frequently gotta rush right in and make clothing an integral part of the sketch from the start. The trick, I guess, is to make yourself aware of situations where glitches like this might pop up, and try to take a little extra time for proper construction in those cases.

Note also that, with this sudden flashback, we’re back to the “drunken Emp” scene of our heroines in the apartment bathroom, as seen earlier in Empowered vol. 3’s story “Karaoke Rocket Sled and the Eye of the Tippling Tiger.”

-Adam Warren

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