Volume 3 Page 185
Posted December 5, 2017 at 12:01 am

Yeahp, the previous page’s sound FX of SNAPP and SKRASHH were a callback to the Empowered vol. 1 scene of Emp crashing through what might well be the very same park’s foliage

Panel 1: Yeahp, nitpickers who love to complain about this bit, Emp’s feet are indeed too short. Of course, her head’s way too large for the rest of her body (well, by the proportions I normally use for drawing her, that is), her fists are also disproportionate, and I could rattle off another half-dozen wonky bits about this figure drawing. So what? You’re just gonna have to deal with it, folks. Check my Instagram for life drawings—or “studies,” if you insist on being pedantic—if you’re looking for attempts at more realistic anatomy. I’m not kidding when I say that, for me, Empowered is all about embracing imperfection, however prickly and uncomfortable an embrace that might be. 

Panel 2: Woo hoo! A reappearance of the slowly fading visual riff of Emp’s Big Pouty Lips at their very Biggest and Poutiest! (Now faded away almost entirely from current Empowered, for better or worse.) Enjoy?

-Adam Warren

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