Volume 4 Page 111
Posted May 21, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Presumably, given what we later learn about the character’s pronounced degree of handiness, Manny made that helmet himself.

Panel 3: Apparently, Emp’s “Empy Sense” for potentially embarrassing and/or humiliating situations is a-tingling.

Panel 4: Oops. Ol’ Manny isn’t facing in the right direction in this shot, given where the doorway (and Emp) should be in relation to his bed. Oh, well.

Panel 6: For whatever it’s worth, at least Manny’s wish involves relatively tame standard-issue tropes of supervillainy, as opposed to some of the more nightmarish excesses committed by seriously “IDGAF” Empowered bad guys. (Including one who appears at the end of this very volume, though I ask that long-term readers avoid SPOILERS about said character.)

-Adam Warren

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