Volume 4 Page 43
Posted February 14, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Emp’s imaginary “devil cosplay” outfit miiiiiiight just be an homage to the devilish character Etna from the videogame series Disgaea. (Maybe.) 

Panel 3: Slightly awkward hand on Emp, here, as I must admit I’d never before tried to draw the gesture of hands applying shampoo to someone else’s hair. In my meager defense, a decade ago I didn’t have a phone or iPad handy by my drawing table to quickly Goggle Image reference for such a shot. Modern-day artists—including myself, natch—have few such excuses for not looking up ref pics for such mundane but often surprisingly thorny drawing challenges.

Panel 4: Am not entirely fond of the stylized “receding-chin” look I would occasionally use for Emp and Ninjette a decade ago, possibly in an attempt to emphasize a sense of childish vulnerability. (Or not, as the artistic motives and choices of Decade-Ago Me are often a mystery to Current-Year Me.)

-Adam Warren

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