Volume 5 Page 42
Posted November 15, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: I didn’t deign to draw a proper (re)establishing shot for Spooky’s room, here, so you can pop back to its prior appearance in Empowered vol. 4 if such a view is desired. For the record, though, the lack of establishing shots was a running gag—one that only I could perceive!—in the earlier volumes of the series, as back then I was freely, even gleefully violating all the internalized “rules” I used in my earlier, “real” comics work.

Panel 3: Ehh, probably could’ve deleted the placements of the lower word balloons in panels 3 and 4 to allow for a better view of the “d10” space station. I would've then needed to considerably trim down Mindf**k's total amount of dialogue for the sequence, but that wouldn't have been a huge loss, I think.

-Adam Warren

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