Volume 5 Page 41
Posted November 14, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: To be honest, I rather doubt that the effectively barefoot Emp’s steps would make a “STOMPP” sound FX on the hard marble of the SuperHomeys HQ floor, but the more realistic “SLAPP SLAPP SLAPP” would’ve lacked impact, not to mention potentially getting confused with the earlier FX of her imaginary spanking. Besides, you might consider “STOMPP STOMPP” to be a rather symbolic sound conveying Emp’s flouncing off in a huff, rather than a literal depiction of the noises involved. Note, however, that she can definitely pull off a “STOMP STOMP STOMP” (even when barefoot) on the hardwood floors of her apartment.

Panel 4: Kinda botched this bit of Demonwolf phrasing, as I was trying to convey “tough titties” in Devilgoat-speak without actually using the phrase. I gather that I couldn’t think up an appropriate and relevant synonym for “tough,” hence the neither-fish-nor-fowl bungled term “tough mammaries.” In retrospect, I really shouldn’t have bothered with any synonyms, as I think it would’ve been funnier to have the Sin-Sensing Celestial just declare “tough titties” outright.

-Adam Warren

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