Volume 5 Page 81
Posted January 9, 2019 at 12:01 am

As I said earlier, this page represents one of the first times in the series that I’d worked out an Empowered character’s key dialogue in my head long before ever putting pencil to paper—but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. (Another such critical soliloquy appears at the end of this volume, if I may wax ambiguously SPOILER-y.) A decade later, I can still recite this page’s dialogue more or less from memory, though I might not be able to recall all of Mindf**k’s telepathic parenthetical asides. 

As such, I’m still rather proud of this moment, as it represents one of the few times that my work comes even remotely close to the glorious, idealized version of storytelling that exists on my head. Yeahp, the truth is that my comics generally fall waaaay short of what I’d really like to achieve with ’em, had I the artistic and narrative skills to fulfill that rarefied vision—but, hey, them’s the breaks of working in a creative field, folks. Every now and then, though, I come close to pulling off exactly what I originally had in mind, with all the emotional resonance that implies—and that’s something that’s happened more times in Empowered than in all the rest of my comics work, from Dirty Pair through Gen13 and beyond. 

-Adam Warren

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