Volume 1 Page 214
Posted May 2, 2016 at 12:01 am

One might consider panel 1’s reference to karaoke as a harbinger of things to come later on in Empowered, when “cape karaoke night” becomes a recurring setting in the series. However, given that we won’t see the first karaoke scene until well into volume 3, new readers shouldn’t hold their breath for that riff to appear. 

Then again, perhaps I should give new readers a sneak preview of said riff’s aforementioned first appearance, given how many months we’re removed from it. So, thrill to the awesome karaoke powers of Emp and Ninjette below! 

Panel 6: Whoops, I’d forgotten that Syndablokk’s 90s-tastic superhero name—or “supranym,” to use the Empverse term—was revealed in this story. The only thing missing from this “extremeeeeeme” sobriquet would be an exclamation point or two—but, as I already had that in mind for a different member of the SuperHomeys, I decided not to gild this 90s lily any further.

-Adam Warren

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