Volume 1 Page 23
Posted November 13, 2015 at 01:09 am

Once again, notice the progression—and regression—of Emp’s degree of, ah, “full-lippiness” over this page:

Panel 1: Big, Pouty Lips.

Panel 2: Not Big, Not Pouty Lips.

Panel 3: Big, Pouty Lips again.

Panel 4 (if you look closely): Not Big, Not Pouty Lips again.

Welcome to the joys of a relatively cartoony art style, which (IMHO) gives me carte blanche to draw faces any dang way that I think appropriate! (In truth, I’m often juggling influences from disparate artists, or trying out new techniques that just occurred to me.) Note that I am often excoriated for the way I that draw Big, Pouty Lips, but never for the way that I draw Non-Big, Non-Pouty Lips—nor for the way that I nonchalantly cycle between the two extremes. Whassup with that, haters?

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