Volume 1 Page 35
Posted November 13, 2015 at 01:45 am

Reading panel 3, I’m vaguely startled to notice that the last line of dialogue implies that Captain Katana was the winner of the apparent superhero reality show Dancin’ with the Superheroes. Given the rather horrendous events that befall the ill-fated Captain in the future—er, Spoiler Alert, I guess?—I’m glad that the poor sod had at least a moment or two of unalloyed triumph in the preceding months.

Also, belatedly remembered that the conspicuously labeled bomb Emp is carrying was intended to reappear later on in the series—but, well, folks, I just plumb forgot. Perhaps it will make a triumphant—if wildly belated—cameo in Empowered vol. 10!

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