Volume 1 Page 60
Posted November 16, 2015 at 01:30 am

Emp’s supersuit, a so-called “hypermembrane” of exotic matter, is not even remotely akin to any existing fabric (including Spandex® or Lycra®), and is supposed to be even more cruelly revealing than a coating of body paint… but, you’ll notice, I steer clear of depicting the suit fully as revealing as it should theoretically be. Most notable, of course—and often mentioned in the metatextual closing pages of each Empowered volume—is the costume’s mysterious lack of, well, “camel-toe” in our heroine’s private areas. (I do, in fact, have an actual explanation for this specific issue, but have never quite gotten around to divulging said rationale.) As seen in panel 4, another problematic area would be our heroine’s nipples, which the thinner-than-body-paint supersuit should, in theory, likewise display clearly. This issue I partially skated around by using a trope often deployed by Shirow Masamune when he depicts a female character wearing a skintight “data film” membrane: he draws a vague indication of the nipple when—and only when—the breast is seen from a side or 3/4 view. This approach gets the idea of a clingy, ultra-thin membrane across, I feel, without quite plunging into the full-on crassness of “HURR HURR FUNCTIONALLY NEKKID BOOBS” that a more (ahem) “realistic” take might convey. (Your Mileage May, of course, Vary as to whether this is really the case.)

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