Volume 2 Page 158
Posted January 11, 2017 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: We last saw Superhomeys leader Capitan Rivet using this “supervillain holodisplay” when he was discussing King Tyrant Lizard at the very beginning of this Empowered volume. 

Panel 2: “Time²” is, as comics cognoscenti Of A Certain Age will recognize, a reference to the Howard Chaykin graphic novels. If I may quote from an apt summary online

Time² (pronounced Time Squared) is some of Chaykin’s most personal work and has been called autobiographical. At the same time it also features a car that sexes people to death so do with that what you will. Time² is hugely influenced by Chaykin’s love of film noir and jazz, but still mixes in the sci-fi and sex of American Flagg!. At times Time² is downright strange, but its two graphic novels, The Epiphany and The Satisfaction of Black Mariah, are entertaining reads nonetheless. I don’t know if Chaykin’s art has ever looked better than it does in these two OGN’s.” 

Must admit, I always found Time² to be a truly challenging and difficult read—and, tragically, Chaykin’s experiments with “long-chain” dialogue led almost directly to the “ping-pong” dialogue chains that now infest almost all American comics, thanks to being popularized by fellow Chaykin fan Brian Michael Bendis. Of course, I don’t blame Chaykin or Bendis for this goofiness; rather, I blame every other g-d writer in comics for slavishly latching onto this once-unusual approach as The Only Way to Write Snappy Comics Banter.

-Adam Warren

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