Volume 2 Page 166
Posted January 23, 2017 at 12:01 am

Now that I’m over a month into a daily life-drawing regimen with a heavy emphasis on the extremely expensive but extraordinarily helpful book Anatomy For Sculptors, I have a rather better idea nowadays of how to semi-accurately draw a brawny male figure. (As in, “Oh, wow, that’s what those bumps are supposed to represent, huh? Did not know that!”) This is a decent enough illo to properly convey Thugboy’s hawtness, but yikes, 2006-Era Me was freewheeling with drawing the male body. I would occasionally try to dig up Ripped-Guy photoreference to help with drawing the dude, but I can tell that no ref was involved with this particular pic, for good or ill.

Gotta love drawing the massive .50 Barrett M82 anti-materiel rifle, right? Actually, no, don’t gotta love drawing it, as trying to get its ginormous dimensions to scale even vaguely close to accuracy with Thugboy’s own proportions is no fun whatsoever. 

-Adam Warren

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