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Posted July 27, 2016 at 12:01 am

Well, here’s one good thing about having roughly a bajillion things to do: When I find myself unenthused or effectively blocked in regard to the workday’s primary task, I can always switch over to working on something else. This morning, for the first time in uninterrupted months of work, I couldn’t make any progress on penciling an Empowered vol. 10 page, so I’m blowing off the rest of the morning workshift to knock off a few more of these webcomic commentaries.

I know folks who seemingly take great pride in their extensive multi-tasking, but I’m no fan of the concept. IMHO, the unitary, laser-like focus of working on a single project at a time produces better results—and greater job satisfaction, in my experience—than noodling away at an assortment of miscellaneous projects. Ah, but the average freelancer has little choice but to bounce around between whatever paying gigs he or she has managed to scrape together, “putting out fires” as necessary, work-wise. In any event, that frantic state of affairs certainly beats the alternative of having nothing to do.

Side note: For the previous paragraph, I looked up synonyms for “assortment” in my laptop’s thesaurus, and was amused by the rapidly escalating esotericism of the terms. The first few alternatives are straightforward enough—“mixture, variety, array, mixed bag, mix, miscellany, selection, medley, diversity.” Ah, but then we get a little more colorful—“hodgepodge, mishmash, potpourri”—before plunging headlong into abstruse, Caged-Demonwolf-worthy obscurities—“salmagundi, farrago, gallimaufry, omnium gatherum.” (You can very likely expect to see the latter vocabulary words at some point in a future rant by the Blazing-Eyed Devilgoat.)

Cruel irony alert: Two days ago, I just bailed out of attending San Diego Comic-Con this year—kiss that sizable hotel deposit goodbye, kids!—largely because I was loath to disrupt my heretofore steady workflow on vol. 10. Alas, at the present I seem lack any workflow to be disrupted. Oops! (In case the timeline involved, here, seems a bit odd, please note that I’m writing this commentary on July 15.) 

Well, the plan for today is to whittle away at a few more commentaries this morning, take my ritual nap at noontime, then get up and see if I can get any drawing accomplished during the afternoon shift. Will this bold, dynamic and innovative plan succeed? I’ll let you know, in a future commentary!

-Adam Warren

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