Volume 3 Page 68
Posted June 23, 2017 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Chloroformaster’s gloved hands represent my own form of stylized, not strictly realistic glove rendering, akin to the big, chunky, squared-off fingers Jack Kirby used to draw. (I used to imitate that Kirby riff both in childhood and relatively recently, by the way.)

And thus ends the fairly kinky—if goofy—Empowered vol. 3 story “Chlorosexuality.” Next time, a journey into heavy-duty “damsel-in-distress” territory with “A.R.R.”, wherein our long-suffering heroine runs afoul of an ultra-high-tech organization with a very, very specific field of hardware development. But even while seemingly helpless, can Emp outwit and manipulate these narrowly focused geniuses? (SPOILER: Yes. Yes, she can.)

-Adam Warren

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