Volume 3 Page 70
Posted June 27, 2017 at 12:01 am

Wellp, can’t say that Emp is being all that gullible, here, given that something’s always going to hell in her trouble-plagued city. Note that this scene is presumably taking place in an urban park, a setting that will loom very large indeed in the story that closes out Empowered vol. 3.

Panel 2: Amused by the cartoony flourish of Emp’s figure proportions, here, which shift into a Rumiko Takahashi-worthy “big head, smallish body” range. This was a riff that I liked doing on random occasions back circa 2007, consistency be damned. What’s the point of doing my own book, after all, if I can’t play around with stylization and wacky flourishes whenever I want? Nowadays, of course, my preference has shifted very far away from such a look, and I’m using proportions for Emp that have shifted to a notably “smaller-head” range.

UPDATE: Panel 2 edited to remove a stray blob of graphite in Emp's teeth!

-Adam Warren

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