Volume 3 Page 71
Posted June 28, 2017 at 12:01 am

Not fond of Emp’s pose in the first image, as her up-on-tiptoes pose seems an odd choice. Some pose with her feet in mid-step positions would’ve been better. Plus, as critics hypocritically evincing Highly Selective and Comically Insincere Concerns About Anatomical Realism will no doubt opine, her feet are too small. Whateva, critics.

Note that my 5th-generation iPod Nano is forever immortalized in the second image! Yay! In fact, I still use that sucker, as it’s the model with a built-in radio, which is useful for all-day sports-talk listener like myself. Also, I feel better about carrying it along on my daily woodland hikes, as opposed to hauling along my fairly hefty (and valuable) phone; plus, the old-school click wheel makes skipping music much easier when hiking than using a touchscreen.

-Adam Warren

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