Volume 3 Page 72
Posted June 29, 2017 at 12:01 am

Say, didja know that mummification is a subcategory of “DiD” (“damsel in distress”) imagery? One that just might have been the subject of a few commissioned sketches during difficult times in my often faltering career? In fact, this sequence might itself be a commission, which is occasionally the case with some Empowered “damsel in distress” scenes; the, ah, prominent booty in panel 4 suggests one commissioner's preferences in particular. What can I say, folks? When times are tight, sometimes you gotta pull double-duty with the work. Welcome to the exciting world of eking out a living—or reasonable facsimile thereofin comics!

Panel 4: Oof. Some seriously wonky figure proportions on Mummified Emp, here, especially in comparison to the relatively huge Treacherous Girl looming over her. Such are the wages of sin—well, artistic sin, in that I clearly didn’t rule out Emp’s proportions ahead of time. Then again, I only rarely bothered with such painstaking preparations back then, preferring a devil-may-care, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants artistic approach; in fairness, her unruled and “eyeballed” proportions were usually somewhat accurate.

-Adam Warren

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