Volume 4 Page 121
Posted June 4, 2018 at 12:01 am

Once again, not thrilled with Decade-Ago Me’s choice to roll with (nearly) nothing but close-ups on this page. Then again, not like I would’ve been all that thrilled to pull the camera back for full-figure shots and have to draw even more of those g-d display screens in the background.

Gotta say, my detailed but meaningless techy-riff backgrounds like this one tend have a recurring flaw I’ve only recently noticed: They’re used effectively as “green-screen”-like backdrops the characters are drawn against, with few opportunities for interactions with the setting or for more interesting camera angles. With a better-thought-out environment, I might have more chances to work visual elements into the foreground of shots; with Emp’s apartment living room, at least, I’m able to use the the Caged Demonwolf or beer bottles on that coffee table close to the (figurative) camera to vary my shot selection a bit.

Panel 4: Also not thrilled with my choice to randomly show Emp facing to the left in this one panel, when she’s facing to the right in all the other panels. Best to keep one’s character orientations consistent on a given page during a conversation scene, I think.

-Adam Warren

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