Volume 4 Page 122
Posted June 5, 2018 at 12:01 am

Gotta say, I quite like the rather atypical jumble of techy riffs in the screenshot of Manny and his lair, presenting a different, more “piled-up” and hodgepodge approach than I usually did back then. (Compare and contrast with the sterile, cleaner and not terribly interesting backdrop of the Homeycrib’s interior.) Have to keep this in mind for future reference!

Note, in this panel, that I was boxed in by the camera placement and had to use a “back-of-the-head” view for Emp, but still trotted out the ol’ “profile cheat” for all the characters at right. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a slightly cartoony trick allowing the reader to see a character’s expression when they’re looking at something in the background. However, here you can see the limits of the profile cheat, as all three Superhomeys are pretty clearly not facing the screen directly. As I’ve said, though, my art style is arguably just cartoony enough to pull this off; with more realistic artwork, I’m fairly certain you could see even more clearly that the ’Homeys aren’t quite oriented correctly.

Note that, for this page and the next, I used my original scans of the artwork as the basis for the comic's image, whereas I normally use screencaps from the digital comics, which often feature a whole lotta small lettering and art correx done in Dark Horse Production that aren't in my own scans. Ah, but sometimes the screncapped digital images don't quite convey the full tonal range of my pencils, with the lighter values often dropping out, so every now and then I go back to the original art for an alternative approach. No idea if the difference is perceptible to anyone beside myself, though.

-Adam Warren

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