Volume 4 Page 146
Posted July 9, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Hadn’t noticed before that Thugboy would’ve had to crawl past the decapitated corpse of his unnamed comrade to emerge on this side of the overturned truck. Icky! While one No-Prize-ish explanation might presume that the passenger-side door was jammed shut after the crash, the actual narrative reason is that Thugboy appearing out of the driver’s side made it easier for me to show the 18-wheeler screeching to a a halt in the background.

Panel 3: Thugboy turning his head in this shot, to show the blood sprayed over his face from the previous two pages, bugs me a little bit, as this headturn seems to ascribe some greater significance to that blood spatter. (Or maybe not; regardless, I remain mildly bugged by this panel.)

Panel 4: And that’s it for the story “Bouncebackalicious,” folks. Tomorrow we start up the (very) short episode “Proud and Delighted,” the penultimate chapter in Empowered vol. 4, which provides a last bit of set-up before we head into the book’s Big, Action-Packed Finale at the Caped Justice Awards. Wheeeee!

-Adam Warren

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