Volume 4 Page 147
Posted July 10, 2018 at 12:01 am

Debatable whether or not the ol’ Overdialoguing Alert (or Alarm) would apply to these Metatextual Emp pages, but I would prefer not to have waxed quite so wordy with this sucker. Alternatively, I could have used three Emp “talking heads” on this page and not two, which would’ve at least added a skosh more expressiveness to the sequence, as I could’ve varied her facial “acting” a bit more. 

The slight bit of alliteration in that one Emp word balloon—“hogtied and humiliated for your hentai convenience”—might be a subconscious bit of Demonwolf influence. Well, at least she didn’t say, “for your hentai heavy-breathing,” for a higher alliteration score.

Just realized that I seem to have stopped drawing that one stray strand of Emp’s blonde hair—the one hanging down over her left eye—a few volumes ago. For quite a while, that one strand was a constant part of Emp’s character design, but I seem to have forgotten about it some time ago.

-Adam Warren

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