Volume 4 Page 153
Posted July 18, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Enjoy a rare—and, I think, unique—appearance of Ninjette in high heels. Gosh! As often happens with the platform-shoed Sistah Spooky, though, I forgot to draw her as taller than Emp when wearing heels. Oh, well. Her miniskirted cheongsam-style dress is based on photoreference of a chromed-fabric outfit worn by, I think, a Hong Kong actress, though I’m not sure the shininess is fully conveyed by my artwork. Overall, a cute look, which I should probably look into reusing later in the series.

Not so thrilled with Thugboy’s tuxedo, which was also based on photoreference, though not directly for this particular shot, which didn’t work out to Present-Day Me’s satisfaction—nor, I suspect, to Decade-Ago Me’s satisfaction, either. Well, at least Ninjette worked out okay.

For the superhero crowd scene at right, I drew a bunch of miscellaneous capes at random, off the top of my head; in volumes to come, pretty much every one of the goofy-looking folks seen here would reappear in later crowd scenes. 

-Adam Warren

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