Volume 4 Page 18
Posted January 10, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Note that this is a much better shot of Ninjette in dire peril—or “laid low,” as the damsel in distress (DiD) euphemism puts it—than we ever saw in the original scene from Empowered vol. 3. (Her waist is a tad too slender, but who cares?)

Note also, at lower right, the default form of silhouetted leaves I tend to draw. As mentioned earlier, these look more or less like the leaves of a beech tree, though I have no idea if those exist on the West Coast—nor do I intend to ever bother checking if they do. Worst case, if beech trees aren’t geographically accurate, then consider this just another peculiarity of Emp’s very, very odd city.

Panel 4: While this looks like the same scene we saw near the end of Empowered vol. 3, note that the vaporized Ayakami-clan shinobi didn’t call her “Kozue-chan” during that scene, though one of them did so earlier, albeit in untranslated Japanese. So what’s up, here? You’ll find out in the next few days, never fear.

-Adam Warren

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