Volume 4 Page 17
Posted January 9, 2018 at 12:01 am

And now, as mentioned yesterday, we rejoin our story(line) from the violent, ninja-riffic ending of Empowered vol. 3, as our protagonists deal with the consequences of Ninjette’s brush with a horrific fate. Who are those mysterious new characters lurking in the group shot’s back row? Let’s find out, folks!

And yes, the title is a pretty straightforward reference to the ABC soap opera General Hospital, which was quite the pop-culture sensation in my late 70s-early 80s adolescence during the “Luke and Laura” era of the show. (Er, despite the amazingly skeevy backstory involving those two characters, but let’s ignore that mindbogglingly ill-considered bit of early plotting.)

BTW, the Wiki entry I linked to describes Luke and Laura as General Hospital’s “supercouple,” which does sound remarkably Empowered-ish.

-Adam Warren

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