Volume 4 Page 16
Posted January 8, 2018 at 12:01 am

Capes’ use of vehicles as improvised weapons against each other is—especially as regards the oft-seen car throw—effectively the “drum solo” of superhero fight scenes, in that the tactic looks cool, but is merely treading water and killing time and/or pagespace before the fight’s later resolution. So, this story may represent one of the few times in the superhero genre that a cape’s use of an auto—okay, SUV—in battle proved definitive and fight-ending. Yay?

Wellp, that’s the end of “Who’s Da Übermensch,” and the last full-color Empowered story pages we’ll see until I start serializing the Guest Artist one-shots here. No idea when I’ll do that, either, as those stories would tend to break up the flow of the full volumes if I popped ’em in between books.

Tomorrow, we return to the storyline that follows on from the violent finale of Empowered vol. 3. Wheeee!

-Adam Warren

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