Volume 4 Page 20
Posted January 12, 2018 at 12:01 am

NOTE: The software used for posting this webcomic was recently updated, which caused some glitches with the hovertext and, more noticeably, the navigation bar under the comic page;  as in, all the forward and back arrows disappeared for a while. I noticed this on the first day since the update, but the problem went away within hours on the browsers I use for reading Empowered
Firefox and several different iterations of Safari. A comment yesterday, howeva, seemed to indicate that some readers still couldn't see the navigation bar and its arrows. If so, can you let me know what browser (or OS? or RSS dealie?) you're employing to read Empowered? I myself am abysmally ignorant on such matters, but can query Hiveworks Support about the issue if I have more info to pass along to them.

Panel 3: Yeahp, that’s Ninjette’s father—or his hair and a characteristic beer, at least, in this literally nightmarish context.

Panel 5: Not surprisingly, if you recall her recollection from the end of vol. 3 about her dismal experience back in the wilds of New Jersey(!), Ninjette is none too thrilled about the prospect of going home. (Or going “home,” I suppose.)

Panel 6: Where exactly is ’Jette waking up? Find out in our next episode, folks—same Emp time, same Emp channel! (Or whatever.)

-Adam Warren

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