Volume 4 Page 21
Posted January 15, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Some deceptive framing on this image hides—well, partially, at least—the inconvenient fact that the ginormous doctor’s lower legs must be very, very short indeed, or he’s standing in a puzzling hole in the floor. Such are the wages of playing around with a drawing composition that I didn’t properly and painstakingly construct ahead of time; then again, I only rarely use such a scrupulous approach on Empowered’s hastily cranked-out pages, but am usually able to get away with it. Not this time, alas.

Panel 2: Here, I might have considered posting the oft-repeated “IT’S A TRAP!” bit I rattle off when criticizing excessive trapezius muscle mass on, say, Thugboy, but with a deliberately exaggerated physique like that of Dr. Big McLarge Huge, I feel that would be an irrelevant bit of nitpickery. You’re let off the hook this time, Past Me.

And yes, “Big McLarge Huge” is, as Mystery Science Theater 3000 aficionados might recognize, one of the many, many goofy nicknames coined by Mike and the ’bots for the brawny hero from Space Mutiny.

Panel 3: A minor but valid lettering criticism, here, but the tail of that word balloon pointing off-panel to Dr. Big McLarge Huge should’ve been hooking diagonally up, not diagonally down. As it is, such a balloon-tail orientation might seen as if the hulking doc is suddenly very, very short indeed (again). 

-Adam Warren

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