Volume 4 Page 26
Posted January 22, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 4: Disappointed that I never returned to this panel’s subject, as the issue of a ninja’s snoring could be potentially amusing. (Then again, I’d completely forgot about this point until I reread this page.) While Ninjette might take perverse pleasure about behaving in an “un-ninja-like” manner—such as by wearing a conspicuously shuriken-adorned costume with NINJETTE lettered across the seat of her shorts—she clearly feels differently about unstealthy lapses that might call into question her skills as a kunoichi.

Panel 5: For good or ill, we’ve never seen Ninjette’s apartment… nor will we ever, after hearing this one reference to it in Emp’s dialogue. Did she use a fake identity to rent it? Or was she disguising herself as an apartment’s current renter while the latter was away traveling, perhaps? Ah, so many questions, tragically never to be answered.

-Adam Warren

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