Volume 4 Page 27
Posted January 23, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: In retrospect, I think the alliterative phrase “LOADBEARING LUMMOX” might have been funnier than “LOADBEARING JACKANAPES.” A pity, really, as I’m not sure he’s ever used the word LUMMOX elsewhere, either.

Panel 2: While I’ve read the word PARAPHERNALIA many times, am reasonably certain I’d never had the occasion to spell it before. Not 100% certain that I spelled it correctly the first time out, sad to say; this may, in fact, be a page that required lettering correction. Then again, Empowered original pages often require such corrections, though only rarely for spelling errors; instead, I’m constantly having to fix slightly-too-wonkily-lettered words or phrases. Such are the wages of hand-lettering comic pages with very soft—and very “snap-prone”—pencils, folks.

Panel 3: Pretty sure I almost had the Demonwolf say “THONG FIVEFOLD” instead of repeating “THONG” five times, but I believe I was already sweating how a numerically obscure reference to urban bard Sisqo’s oeuvre would age in the years to come. (“Not well,” if I may quote a line from the opening sequence of Casino Royale.)

-Adam Warren

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