Volume 4 Page 28
Posted January 24, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Gotta use the term “POLTROON” more in future Demonwolf dialogue; I’m saddened to have forgotten this evocative word in the decade(!) since I wrote this page.

Speaking of speechifying, I’m currently in the midst of a creative crisis—or reevaluation, at least—regarding my use of dialogue in Empowered (and elsewhere). I’m looking not just to avoid blatantly excessive word-balloon barrages of “overdialoguing,” but also to possibly cut back dialogue in less overtly wordy contexts. One such area is my casualness about tacking on secondary, “under-the-breath” word balloons (with a smaller font size) after a character’s main statement in a given panel; here, Thugboy’s second line in panel 1, about Ninjette’s panties being booby-trapped. With the Caged Demonwolf’s stentorian ranting about to be unleashed in the same panel, I probably should’ve skipped that line to lower the page’s overall amount of text. Sometimes these “aside” lines are amusing, but I probably should lay off of ’em to keep the verbiage down.

Panel 3: The Caged Demonwolf, alas, poses trickier challenges for dialogue reduction. While in many contexts I could go use a human character’s facial expressions to advance a narrative without dialogue, the featureless shell of the Devilgoat’s prison offers rather fewer opportunities for wordless storytelling.

-Adam Warren

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