Volume 4 Page 52
Posted February 27, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Seems more likely that, nowadays, a young man like Thugboy might be wearing the seemingly ubiquitous “boxer-briefs,” but those were rather less of a thing a decade ago, IIRC.

Note also that, in Empowered’s numerous bedroom scenes, I tend to err on the side of having Emp’s bedsheets frequently kicked off her and Thugboy whilst they’re sleeping, as otherwise the results are pretty boring. (Even more so if I’d chosen to draw a comforter over their sleeping forms, which would really turn them into two vague lumps under the dang thing.) Then again, it’s entirely possible that both of them thrash around in their no doubt troubled sleep a great deal; Lord knows I do that myself, and I have considerably fewer reasons for restive slumber than they do.

Panel 4: Subtle symbolism, here!

-Adam Warren

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