Volume 4 Page 62
Posted March 13, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panels 3 through 5: Gotta say, Crowquet must’ve been really, really confident about Emp’s timing in bonking Wet Blanket with that chair, given that he sets up his sneeze just before she attacks ol’ WB. Might also be that he's a serious badass and could tell just from the subtle background noises as to exactly how (and how quickly) things were unfolding up on that platform.

Panel 4: And there’s the final bad guy “supranym” for the FeloniFive. (Or “Feloni5,” perhaps.) My theory would be that Laserbrain and Hand Cholo were friends and Star Wars fans who came up as supervillains together, and named themselves with similar riffs; an alternate theory, however, would be that they were separate bad guys who might have bonded over their obscurely referential names. 

-Adam Warren

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