Volume 4 Page 73
Posted March 28, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panels 1-2: Woo hoo, we’re seeing a brief callback to a scene in the previous story. In fact, I got the chance to copy/paste in an actual panel from “Of Maids and Wet Blankets,” if you look closely. Believe me, few things does the perpetually behind-schedule comics artist love more than not having to draw a panel. Yippee!

Panel 3: Gotta admit, I have no idea what Katastrophe’s superpowers were supposed to be, other than apparent superstrength and durability. Seems a bit of a lost opportunity that he didn’t have a sabertooth cat’s tusk-like canines to call on in battle, must say. Gotta admit further that his “triple-R” purring speech pattern gets tiresome in a hurry, even though we only “hear” it for a few pages.

-Adam Warren

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