Volume 4 Page 9
Posted December 28, 2017 at 12:01 am

This full-color, 8-page story does represent a bit of a break from the ongoing narrative of the previous Empowered volume, a story which picks up immediately with our next (black & white) chapter. “Who’s Da Übermensch” was meant to serve as an introduction for folks new to the series, so it does cover some familiar ground for the Empowered readers, whether from print or webcomic. Bear with me if you can, folks.

This episode featured writing and pencils by me, though once again drawn a fair bit oversized on linen-finish cardstock paper, as with the earlier Empowered 8-page story “Feel the Überburn.” Note that regular pages from this series are drawn much smaller, on 8.5” X 11” copy paper, whereas these puppies hew closer to the larger size of conventional comic art board.

The fine coloring on this story was provided by my buddies Joe Weltjens and Lee Duhig of the coloring studio Guru eFX, who also provided the coloring for the volume’s cover illo. Thanks, guys! (Long-time readers of the series will notice, by the way, that these colors are much more bright and delightful than the published version, which printed considerably darker. That's rule #1 of print comics, folks: Pretty much all your color pages will print darker than you think they will.)

-Adam Warren

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