Volume 4 Page 92
Posted April 24, 2018 at 12:01 am

While I’m fine with the job that Decade-Ago Me did on drawing Emp’s face, I’m much less thrilled with the “big head, very narrow shoulders” look I gave her. Wait, I mean, the look that Decade-Ago Me gave her. Present-Day Me is, of course, completely blameless for the manifold atrocities committed by Past Me, as I am undeniably a completely and utterly different human being and artist than my younger self. (Yeah, right. As if, folks.)

The thing is, I’m not sure that the super-duper narrow shoulders I drew on Emp were a deliberate artistic choice, as with the random “noseless Emp” riffs seen in the previous story. This might’ve been an accidental error, as I drew Emp’s head and shoulders cut off on the bottom of the page, rather than drawing a rough sketch that originally featured more of her upper torso; drawing cut-off portions of a character in this manner can lead to tragically flawed figure proportions, as probably happened here.

With the line about invisibility, Emp is referring to the Empowered vol.1 scene in which she tells Ninjette that her supersuit can turn invisible... but she herself can’t. That is, she winds up looking completely nekkid. Whoops! Anyhoo, keep that bit in mind, as it becomes an issue of sorts in the brief story that follows.

-Adam Warren

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