Volume 4 Page 98
Posted May 2, 2018 at 12:01 am

Once again, not found of the exaggerated “big head, narrow shoulders” visual riff I was using on occasion for these “head-and-shoulders” shots a decade ago, a form of stylization I largely if not entirely eschew nowadays.

Enjoy the first appearance of the 10-sided space station that plays an important role in the next Empowered volume, folks! The design was, perhaps not surprisingly, based on the dice I once used for role-playing games back in high school. While frequently used in my AD&D campaigns (version 1.0, baby), 10-siders were the only dice used in the TSR game Star Frontiers, the other RPG we played the most often. (Just realized now: Was this a callback to Traveller’s use of only 6-sided dice?)

Who’s the spacesuited figure on the out-of-scale space station? You’ll find out shortly, I can assure you, as we learn a bit more about Sistah Spooky’s history in this episode.

-Adam Warren

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