Volume 5 Page 122
Posted March 7, 2019 at 12:01 am

Definitely need to sound the ol’ Overdialoguing Alert on this one, as this is waaaay too much text for one page. By this point, though, I was as tired of this story as some or many of you might be as well, and wanted to wrap it up fast. 

And that’s it for “The Powaaaah of the Duct Side,” folks, which also concludes the mandatory “damsel-in-distress” portion of Empowered vol. 5. As I said earlier, in subsequent volumes I found a way to deliver such imagery in a less obnoxious and more Emp-athetic—pun intended—manner. Shockingly enough, though, this story does in a way contribute to the actual climactic act of the book—well, sorta, as you’ll see only 50-odd pages from now.

Next time, we move on to the story “Problems with the Equipment,” which will demonstrate even more forcefully than “Duct Side” the limitations of day-by-day serialization of stories meant to be consumed 200 pages at a time. 

-Adam Warren

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