Volume 5 Page 141
Posted April 3, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Revolvers are, I find, notably more difficult to draw than semiautomatic pistols—but harder still is correctly drawing the hand gripping a wheelgun, as the positioning is a fair bit different than the easier-to-visualize image of a hand gripping a semiauto. So, yeahp, kinda screwed up Emp’s hand holding the revolver, here, though the panel’s cropped off in such a way that the flaw is tough to spot.

And yeahp, in case you’d forgotten, this is the same high-caliber revolver that Thugboy used to (futilely) shoot a frozen Willy Pete in the face back in Empowered vol. 3. In fact, I’m pretty sure this panel’s gun is photoreferenced from the same source used in panel 2 of that earlier flashback scene.

-Adam Warren

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