Volume 5 Page 151
Posted April 17, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Can’t quite sound the “IT’S A TRAP!” Excessive Trapezius Muscle Mass Alert about Havoc’s wonkily sloping shoulders, as his unseen traps aren’t necessarily the issue. Regardless, his cape-clad shoulders are a g-d mess.

Also, I seriously thought that the conjoined supratwins were collectively referred to as "Devangelic" (combining "devilish" and "angelic"), not "Divangelic." Weird.

Panel 3: Let the Overdialoguing Alert sound and sound loudly, folks! Waaaaaay too much text in this panel. Could’ve easily ditched those middle two balloons and just rolled with modified versions of the last two, which would’ve gotten the point across with far less text.

On the other hand, all that text meant that Decade-Ago Me didn’t have to draw much in the way of backgrounds. Yay?

-Adam Warren

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