Volume 5 Page 153
Posted April 19, 2019 at 12:01 am

We’ve not heard it all that many times before, but the “cry havoc” bit is Major Havoc’s catchphrase, as seen—or heard?—previously back in Empowered vol. 1.

A rare “conventionally superheroic” Empowered page, not unlike sometime you might see in a “real” superhero comic. I do rather like it, gotta say, with Phallik’s long, bendy spear, the shot of conjoined twins Divangelic*, and that disconcerting image of Homunculoid in the background being particular favorites.

Alas, the flaws of the daily serialization webcomic format become clear yet again, as I intended an abrupt shift in tone between this page and the next, a shift which won’t seem all that clear after three days’ wait. Oh, well. Said shift is more entertaining if you’d just turned the page, though. Really!

-Adam Warren

*Whose individual supranyms you will see shortly, for whatever that’s worth.

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