Volume 5 Page 154
Posted April 22, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Yeahp, the sudden deescalation of drama level from the previous splash page of ALL-OUT SUPERHERO ACTION!!!! doesn’t work quite as well as a joke when you have to wait a few days to turn the page. Oh, well.

Panel 2: Rock those presumably enhanced sensory abilities, Homunculoid! *SNIFF SNIFF*

Also, behold one of very favorite panel layouts—namely, the tilted camera also placed low to the ground. The helpful combo of lilt and low angle allow the crafty—or possibly lazy!—artist to get away with murder in terms of not having to rigorously establish perspective or the all-important “ground plane.” I should say that you can indeed see the walls in proper perspective in the background, but that tilt and angle allowed me to play fast and loose with setting up the characters’ placements on the ol’ ground plane.

-Adam Warren

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