Volume 5 Page 155
Posted April 23, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Remember when I said, back during the Ocelotina story, that duct tape would prove to be a minor plot point at the end of the book? Well, this panel isn’t the minor plot point in question, but it is setting up the fact that duct tape will be readily available in this space station.

Panel 3: Bit of an Overdialoguing Alert on this page as a whole, but arguably this panel in particular could’ve been cut outright, as it was mainly included to indicate how this gigantic station might still function with only one person aboard. Not a pressing issue—to put it mildly—but likely a secondary point I wanted to address to head off nitpicking. (I think.)

Panel 4: Calling her “‘F**k” does seem an especially disrespectful way to refer to Mindf**k, gotta say.

-Adam Warren

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