Volume 5 Page 177
Posted May 23, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: While it’s certainly radical—and magical!—enough that Emp can breathe in space thanks to her amazing supersuit, other people being able to hear her in the vacuum does seem an even bigger stretch. In this scene, this isn’t a huge issue for a mind-reading telepath like Mindf**k, but does come up again in a subsequent Empowered vol. 8 jaunt into deep space. My explanation is that Emp’s supersuit can also patch itself into spacesuit comm systems in order to transmit Emp’s voice to fellow space travelers.

Panel 3: Not a huge SPOILER to hint that Emp might someday cross paths with Mindf**k’s brother. (Ahem.)

Panel 5: I do rather like the first thought balloon’s list of synonyms for Mindf**k’s mental traits. Nicely thought out, Decade-Ago Me! 

-Adam Warren

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