Volume 5 Page 178
Posted May 24, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 4: A habit I’ve noticed is that artists tend to underemphasize the size of helmeted heads, an often unconscious flaw used, I think, to maintain a more visually pleasing—if incorrect—size ratio between head and body.

Nitpickers will no doubt opine that the space station should have some alternate means of escape, such as some A New Hope-style pods. Well, perhaps it did, but remember that the “d10” has just endured a grievous degree of internal damage in a manner likely unanticipated by the Joint Superteam capes and whoever—or whatever—actually built the dang thing. Presumably Mindf**k determined that the station’s theoretical equivalent of escape pods were destroyed or otherwise rendered inaccessible in the unseen lead-up to her expository riff 13 pages earlier. 

Remember, would-be nitpickers—and this includes me most of all, a semi-recovering nitpicking jackass myself—Decade-Ago Me didn’t have unlimited pagecount to explain every g-d detail that’s unfolding, nor to counter every potential criticism of the story’s ever-worsening disaster scenario. TBH, I should probably be much more sanguine about this issue, given that I arguably spent too much of the upcoming Empowered vol. 11 on explanations of how the book's events came about, pretty much as a means of preemptive nitpicking defense. (Ughh.)

Panel 7: Oof! Once again, we run headlong into the limitations of serializing a comic meant to be consumed 200-odd pages at a time. Here, Mindf**k’s thought balloon is supposed to lead directly into another, key line of (mental) dialogue but, instead, you’ll have to wait until Monday to find out what she meant to say—er, think—next.

-Adam Warren

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